Making International Payments is being covered as an effort to make transactions easier.

If you are residents or a business owner, residing in the UK or Europe, and trying to find fee levied by banks for international payments, this post will help you.

  1. Different bank charge different fee for making an international payment.
  2. You may speak to your banker to find out the fee applicable for the transaction
  3. Exchange rate will not impact the fee, if you have been quoted a fee in your own currency. Like if you have been provided a fee in GBP or Euro, you just need to transfer the fee and the additional bank charges.


In an effort to make it easy for you to find the relevant bank charges, we list down the bank charges for international payment by various banks.

Barclays Bank – International payments

HSBC UK – International Money Transfer

Lloyds Bank – Online International Payments & Overseas Money Transfers

Nationwide – Guide to Sending Money Abroad

NatWest – International Payments

Santander UK – International Payments | Currency Transfer

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Making International Payments